Degree Course Project Work

The course was broken up into 6 modules, these covering web design (using HTML, CSS and Flash), animation, motion graphics, interactive design, advanced image making and design theory/professional practice...

“Our main project for the second semester, the brief was to create an online tv channel for children. There was a choice of age groups, 0-5, 5-8, 9-12. I chose 9-12, as I felt this gave me more scope, and I chose an eco-site theme for my concept. All the content was created through the other modules”...

Band/Artist site

“The main project for the first semester, the brief was to create a five page site featuring the band or artist of your choice. I chose The Jam, and, as the band had split up in 1982, to avoid producing another retro biog site, my concept was to imagine there was an internet back in 1980, and how would a site look if it was created back then. I used contemporary graphic techniques of the period, such as letraset, cut-out paper, rag-outs, handwritten text, tracing paper, red film, photocopying images and traditional paste-up”...

Branding idents for the

“I took the idea of having the logo created by using organic means, i.e. using sticks, pebbles or writing in the sand for example, but it can be made from virtually anything by anyone, going against the general idea of the logo having to be exact in every application. This tied in well with the eco-based theme of the site. Almost a kind of anti-branding”...


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